Chris Vos Paralympic Wintergames Sochi 2014 place 13

Ipcas World-Cup Competition Results 2013:

The competition results are adjusted accordance the NOC/NSF principel

Place 8 Landgraaf NL

Place 6 Landgraaf NL

Place 10 Twin Bridges USA

Place 10 Copper Mountain USA

Place 8 Sochi Rus.

Place 7 Maribor SLO

Place 9 Kelowna CAN

Place 9 Kelowna CAN Second race

Place 10 World Ranking 2013

Visiting our King Mister Willem Alexander

Impression of my adventure on the Paralympic Games Sochi 2014

Foto: Natasja Vos (©)

Junior World Champion Para-Snowboarding 2012

In 2012, Chris:

- Junior World Champion Para-Snowboarding Orcieres France.

- Appointed Ambassador of the

Johan Cruyff Foundation "14 of Johan"

- Participated in the indoor NK Snowboarding for

valid in Landgraaf.

- Sat in the jury Amsterdam Sports Price Pluim

- Together with Johan Cruyff in the same team

football during the Cruyff Foundation tournament.

- Visit placed at the Paralympics

in London.

- Chris trains along with the Valide Dutch SBX Team.

- Chris trains along with the Mentelity Team

of Bibian Mentel.

- For the Highest donate action Wintertime Chris

2640 euros for athletes with a disability.

- He is in training and he ride qualifying matches

for the Paralympic Games in Sochi Russia 2014

Bibian Mentel

Johan Cruijff Nicolienne Sauerbreij Blade Babe Marlou van Rhijn
Foto: Natasja Vos (©)

How it all started .....

Chris Vos, born February 25, 1998, 14 years old, lives with his parents and brother Lorenzo in Noordbeemster, the Netherlands.
Since he was born, Chris experienced the winter sports; his parents dragged him to the mountains when he was 3 weeks old.

At age 4, he went down the slopes behind his parents in the famous pizza slice.
When he was five years old, Chris had a serious accident which caused a permanent damage to his pelvis and right leg. This injury is called a plexuslaisie that means: there are a lot of nerves in the pelvis which broke and partially paralyzed his right leg.

Chris wears a leg brace from foot to groin. With the brace he can walk and does not need to walk with crutches or sit a wheelchair.

At age 6, Chris started to play wheelchair tennis in St. Pancras. He had clinics from Esther Vergeer( international World Champion Wheelchair tennis player) and he was at the National selection day, led by the National Coach Aad Zwaan. The coach praised Chris for his fanaticism, positive attitude and charisma.

Two years after his accident, Chris mastered snowboarding. With the help of his parents, lots of guts, perseverance, trial and error skiing was not an issue anymore! He learned snowboarding in an unnatural way; 2 stiff-legged on a snowboard. At

that time he did not have a brace with a gas spring that could bend.

At age 10, he joined kart classes at Karting School Alnone in Lelystad.
His kart was especially created for him so that he could control the gas by his right hand, so he did not need his legs to handle the gas.
He still has great passion for this sport.

Te gast bij Z@pp Live

Chris in hospital

Tennis Sint Pancras

4 years old Learning Snowboarden first time on Holiday Snowboarden

Foto: Natasja Vos (©)

Chris' slogan is: "life without disability with a disability".

He does and wants what every "normal" person also can.
He surprised many persons with his perseverance and positive attitude in life.

The day that Nicolien Sauerbreij became Olympic Champion Chris shouted: I want that too!
Chris' parents did send an email with images and films to the NSkiV with the question what's going on with Para-Snowboarding?
Through mail and phone, they were in touch with Bibian Mentel (multiple World Champion Para-snowboarding)

In 2010, Chris participated in the TV program Cappies Award, a Dutch program with Lucille Werner. He was one of the five nominated disabled talents in the TV show "Cappies"
Through the "Cappies Award", he met Bibian Mentel and finally got his sports the attention.

Blond Amsterdam Entrance the stadium Johan Cruyff homage IPC "tattoo" Family first Holland House
Foto: Natasja Vos (©)

The Cappies helped Chris to get in touch with several people and organizations.
He was invited to go along as a mascot with Siem de Jong at Ajax Footbal Club in Amsterdam
He participated in several TV shows, and met the orthosis creator Frank Jol, who developed a special snowboard ​​orthosis for Chris.

Chris rode his first World Cup race in April 2011, in France Ocieres. In May 2011 he did his second World Cup competition in Lake Louise Canada, together with Bibian Mentel, Edwin Spee and Merijn Koek. He met athletes from around the world who share the same passion in life: Para-Snowboarding and living a normal life with a disability.

World Cup Frankrijk in the Newspaper Who-Tang Maribor Celebration World Cup in Canada Test Event Sochi Junior Worl Champion Para-Snowboarden 2012
Foto: Natasja Vos (©)
Chris follows the entire progamme of the Dutch SBX Team. This progamme includes snowboard and skateboard training. His trainer is Rob Gerlings multiple Dutch winner of the Dutch SBX Trophy.

He is a member of the Mentelity Foundation team of Bibian Mentel. She coached Chris in international competitions. It was their both desire to start to consider the Paralympic Games in Sochi Russia 2014

To fully develop his sport and body Chris trains under the supervision of Jessica Gal

Frank Jol Orthopaedic service has created a special snowboard and wake board orthosis​​. Without Frank and his entire team, Chris is truly "limited" and Frank solves this problem.

Support the Dutch athletes My Orthese specialist Frank Jol (R) and Rein Heinze Chris Sochi Test Event 2013

Foto: Natasja Vos (©)


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